New style from Timberland. US12-15. Uppers in premium leather.


Large shoes online since 2007

From size 47 to 52, our wide variety of shoes represent the efforts we have made towards giving you the options anyone else in any other size would have.
We honestly believe that is a little more than just your regular "big size" shoe store.
Based in Stockholm, Sweden; we ship big size trainers, designer shoes, boots and casual footwear to returning customers all over the EU.

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We're a proud partner of UPS. Getting you the shoes you want to where you are as quickly and safely as possible.

TIRED of wearing basketball shoes at the gym?

With bigger and better training shoes at Grand Shoes you can find the best technology for indoor, running, football, basketball, golf and many more sports to dominate with in size 47-51

Gear up with new sports shoes in size 47-52


Stylish sneakers for those who have large feet. Nike, Adidas Originals, Vans, Reebok Converse or New Balance. At Grand Shoes you can buy sneakers in hard to get sizes from 47, 48, 49 50, 51 and even 52. 

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Classy looks

Classic dress shoes with a modern touch. Oxfords, cap toes, brogues, wingtips monkstraps, chelsea boots, jodphur and other dress assortments fullfiling all sorts of colours and patterns to fill you dresser with the perfect pair in size 47, 48, 49 and 50.  

DRESS shoes up to size 51

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