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Type your exact foot length in millimeters. Instructions on how to measure your feet correctly can be found in our size guide

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Instructions on how to use FIT MY FEET can be found in our Size Guide.

If you have any questions about your size or how FitMyFeet works, feel free to send as an email at hello@grandshoes.eu. You can even give us a call by dialing the following phone number if you are outside of the country 00 46 8 42 87 86 00.


High instep or wide feet?

If FitMyFeet does not match your feet, it can be due to having wide feet or even a miscalculation of your feet in millimeters. Read more about wider feet or how to measure your feet as precisely as you can and the common mistakes that you can make when measuring them. See our size guide here.

MEasure your feet correctly with our size guide

Find instructions on how to match your feet into the right shoes here.


Need help?

IF you have any questions about FitMyFeet or just want to talk shoes with us contact us through email at hello@grandshoes.eu.