Personal data responsible of Grand Shoes Europe AB (ORG. 556718-5573, Terrängvägen 117, 12947 Hägersten, Sweden) All personal information is saved within the terms of data security law from the European union. (GDPR - General Data Protection Regulation). By confirming your Grand shoes terms of purchase you are accepting our storing of relevant information regards to your order. We do this in order to continue to offer the service expected by you and us from start to Finnish.

Grand Shoes Customer register beholds customer information such as Name, home adress, Email, Telephone number and shoe size. The meaning of saving this information is to process your order accurately and retain the possibility of sending advertisements in the future (when and only if accepted though our register).

You have the right of making an application to receive all registered information about you. You also have the right to remove all information saved bys us in our register. In order to remove said information, please send signed documentation of your intention. This information can be sent to Grand Shoes Europe AB, Terrängvägen 117, 12947 Hägersten, Sweden or by email to

Grand Shoes stores your information as long as necessary with regards to your order and as per any authority under European law that may need proof of purchase. This storing of information can be saved for example on a basis of accounting purposes or customer rights regulation that must be upheld by Grand Shoes Europe AB.


Policy updated 2021-04-08



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Cookies are small files that are saved on a users hard drive. Some cookies can save personal data such as our FitMyFeet measurement when looking for the correct size of shoes. There are not very many cookies that contain personal data and even more so less that save information that can be connected to any specific user. Most cookies are are used for the flow of activity within our website such as clicking a link for example.

Cookies are used as a function to increase an overall user experience. Information that cookies provide can be used to see what products are chosen to your checkout. Cookies are also used in order to provide the relevant ads that you may see in the future. These cookies can measure the amount of times an ad is clicked through and even recognise that you have been our our website before.

If you so wish to deny access of cookies, this is possible by adjusting you browser settings. Different browsers have different privacy settings and can be adjusted manually based on what type of settings you want. By blocking any cookies you are at risk of reducing your user experience.