We know from experience that size tables for shoes can be misleading and sometimes even incorrect. Sizes differ between different brands, but inconsistencies are also common within the same brand where size 47 could be the same as size 49, just two different models.We measure the inner shoe measurements of all our shoes so you can feel confident that you will get the right size when you order from Grand Shoes.

We’ve written the measurements that apply for each shoe in the product description of each model. This means you need to keep track of the milimetres rather than whether you have size 48 or 49.


How to measure you feet properly
Mäta fötter steg 1

For best results, ask someone to help you measure your feet. Wear the type of socks that you intend to wear with the shoes.  

Mäta fötter steg 2
STEp 2

Stand with both heels against a wall. It is common for one foot to be longer than the other. Measure the longest foot.

Place a book, block or other suitable object against the tip of your toe.

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Use a tape measure or similar to measure the length.


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Measure one more time, just to make sure.

Keep in mind

1. Same size doesn't mean the same fit.
Unfortunatly there can be a great difference in fit, when comparing the "same" size from brand X with brand Y.

2. Size in mm = true size

Read the inner shoe measurements we have written. You will notice that you take size 47 in one model and size 49 in another. In other words, sizes vary significantly between different brands, but also between different models from the same brand. This is why we measure and test ALL shoes individually. To make sure that a shoe fits well, the inner shoe measurement should be between 5 and 9mm longer than your longest foot.


Personal size advice

Never hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about sizing. Send us an email to:

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